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The Power of Elocution

The youngsters of Auxilium Convent School, in the primary section as well as middle wing, participated in ‘Elocution Contest’ held on Tuesday, 2nd May ’23. The competition was organized in three stages viz. Class I–II, Class III–IV and Class V–VII, in both Hindi and Bengali languages.

In the competition, the viewers witnessed a wave of upcoming talents, when they felt mesmerized by several young promising aspirants who stole the show by their sheer delivery, presentation, voice modulation, expressions and fluency.

The evaluation of the participants’ efforts was done by a panel of neutral teachers and Sr. vice-principal. They played the role of judges in the competition.

The contestants of all the classes, right from I to VII, impressed the audience through their brilliant articulation and well-prepared elocution pieces.

The quality of artistry, delivered along with the content, attracted high level of appreciation from the panel of independent judges those who officiated the whole proceedings.

The level of confidence which the young Auxilians displayed triggered a sense of deep satisfaction among all the educators in Auxilium.

Saturday, 20th May 2023