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Prayer in God’s Care

It is believed that the flame of God’s unending love and affection keeps everyone safe and warm in Auxilium. In fact, it’s a tradition in Auxilium to stick to the path of spirituality so that faith in God grows strong and the journey of life gets long.

Auxilium Convent School embraced scholastic year 2023-24 with a devotional Prayer Service held on 12th Apr 23. The ceremony was intended to seek God’s abundant blessings for a smooth start of the academic session.

To mark the beginning of the ceremony, lamps were lit by dear Sr. Principal along with teacher’s and student’s representatives. The light that radiated symbolized blessings of God to remove darkness of ignorance in the path of education and ward off evil negativities that block the way towards a smooth journey of life.

Intercession was carried out which followed reading of verses from The Holy Bible to refresh everyone’s soul and renew everybody’s spirit. Songs in the form of divine hymns were sung to seek God’s mercy and kindness followed by dance. Voices knocked the heaven’s door to get dear Lord’s countless blessings and bountiful protection for all the members in the Auxilium Family including parents.

On this occasion, dear Principal in her address to the students appealed to everyone to have faith and trust in God. She further emphasize that the existence of God can be felt in unbiased blessings and love that dear Lord has bestowed upon us.

The short, yet powerful prayer service was successful in planting the presence of The Almighty in the hearts of every Auxilian. It also reflected that the essence of life can only be felt in God’s presence and accepting Him as a personal savior.

Thursday, 27th April 2023