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Orientation by Sr. Sini Mathew

The teachers at Auxilium Convent School, Siliguri are always blessed with Orientation Programmes from time to time that are conducted by expert professionals with vast experience in the field of education.

These orientations are guided towards healing exhausted minds of teachers who sometimes lose their rhythm in daily battles of life with the students.

In this connection, an Orientation & Training Programme was conducted by the Provincial Superior, Sr. Sini Mathew on 12th of Jan 2021. The daylong conference was attended by the Sisters of MSMHC congregation and members of the teaching fraternity from both Auxilium Convent School and Auxilium Preparatory Center.

The seminar conducted by Sr. Sini had all the ingredients to cure mental fatigue of teachers who went through a lot of ups and downs during COVID-19 outbreak. The lockdown that followed the pandemic disturbed the routine and profession of the teachers and their family members on the health and financial ground.

On this note, the lectures delivered by Sr. Sini on topics such as – The Healing Power of Gratitude”, “Sharing One’s Vulnerabilities”, “Acceptance and Appreciation”, “Power of Meditation etc. worked like medicines to treat the ailing heart & mind of all the teachers. Her suggestions towards fixing a broken heart & reviving mental health included ordinary practices like spending time with family members and friends, keeping pets, doing exercise in nature, healthy diet & restful sleep, paying heat to one’s own hobbies etc. Her invitation to individual teachers for sharing their own personal experiences relieved everyone from their anxieties & fear. It helped people to feel each other’s problems.

A congregation of likeminded people with infused positivity always turns the table in favour of something constructive. The teachers of Auxilium once again perceived this beautiful realization by courtesy of dear Sr. Sini who has always been like a mentor and therapist to the teachers by the grace of God almighty.

Tuesday, 12th January 2021