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Labour In Nation’s Favour

Auxilium Convent School leaves no stone unturned to honour and praise the endeavour of staff members of ACS, be it teaching faculty, non teaching workforce or supporting manpower. It is a family tradition at Auxilium to regard every professional as a representative of God with special skills and accomplishments. It is a custom at Auxilium to distinguish different class of employees on special occasions.

In this connection, on 1st of May 2021, Auxilium management conducted an online programme to celebrate International Labour Day to dignify the efforts of supporting staff members working in  school. In fact, they are regarded as the front line workers during this pandemic who risk their life selflessly by getting exposed to various school related jobs like maintaining hygiene, sanitizing the premises, beautification, guarding the complex etc.

The daily sacrifices of the support staff members of the school at their own workplaces fills our hearts with gratitude for their unflinching love & support in the progress of the school.

In order to make the ceremony an unforgettable one, a colourful programme, befitting the ceremony, with songs and dance items, was dedicated to them online. The school management also rewarded each member in the working class with a memorable souvenir wrapped in the sheath of love and affection.

On this occasion, the principal of the school, Sr. Jaya Sebastian, eloquently appreciated all the working members for their hard work and commitment. She thanked them for their cheerfulness, sincere dedication and untiring assistance towards the development of the school.

Saturday, 1st May 2021