Recent Events

Creative Writing Competition

An inter school Creative Writing Competition was organized and hosted by Mahbert High School on the occasion of the 163rd birth anniversary of Rabindranath Tagore on May, 8th 2024 under the banner of A.H.I.S.C.S.

The event, in fact, was a celebration of literary talent and creativity among students from various schools in Siliguri sub-division. It was aimed to foster a love for writing, encourage young minds to express themselves, and provide a platform for showcasing their literary skills.

Students from over 25 schools participated in the competition, showcasing a diverse range of writing styles and themes. Each participant brought his/her unique perspective and creativity to the event, making it a vibrant and enriching experience.

In this event, Auxilium student Ishan Mishra of Class VI C participated and bagged the 2nd prize through his writing skill and creative expression. The content, language, originality, expression and punctuation of their write-up were adjudicated as the best by a panel of independent judges.

In a felicitation ceremony, the school management appreciated the winner for his commendable performance and wished him to attain further success in the field of literature.

Saturday, 18th May 2024