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Charity in the time of Corona Pandemic

The world at present is in a state of lockdown amidst Corona Virus outbreak. People in India too are also severely affected due to this pandemic killer. Death toll is rising each day in every part of the world and those who are left back are suffering due to poverty and starvation because of unemployment and lack of basic amenities like food, shelter and medicine.
In this challenging time, like other relief agencies, the missionaries have also come to the rescue of the common people, especially those who live in rural India, predominantly below poverty line.
In such a crisis moment, the sisters of Auxilium Convent School in collaboration with the sisters of Auxilium Preparatory Center along with other supporting staff members and assistants came to the salvage of the poor and poverty-stricken commoners living in the Sonali Tea Estate near Bagrakote in Jalpaiguri district on 7th Apr 2020.
The campaign to provide food and other basic amenities to the underprivileged villagers in the tea garden area was chiefly organized with the intention to prevent elderly people, children, women and men from dying due to hunger. The act of kindness shown by the sisters under the Auxilium banner shall forever remain a case-study for everyone on how troubled times can stir some people to stand out of the box by setting exemplary love and affection for humanity.
This goodwill gesture on behalf of Auxilium Sisters right before Good Friday & Holy Easter shall make everyone of us pray for their good health and safety. May God keep them under His umbrella of love and care for their act of kindness and compassion! May our faith and trust on God remain a source of inspiration to fight this pandemic killer disease as we move ahead!

Thursday, 9th April 2020