School Library

The students are expected to follow some simple guidelines while in the library.

  • Strict silence and order must be observed by all in the library.
  • Book lost or damaged must be replaced by the borrower.
  • Students are not allowed to borrow school library books from one another.
  • All articles not pertaining to the library should be kept outside.
  • Students are expected to leave the Library immediately after the Library hour.
  • All students of the school are member of the library.
  • The library will maintain an atmosphere conducive to reading, research and reflection.
  • Strict discipline and silence is to be observed in the library and reading room.
  • A student from class V onwards can borrow one book at a time.
  • Library books can be issued and returned during Library period for the class only and in any teaching period.
  • Library books should be properly looked after and deposited on the due date.
  • Marking, underlining, cutting, and erasing for damaging pages of the books are strictly prohibited and liable to punished if the Librarian detects any such damage to the Library books
  • Text books, reference books, journals and periodicals are to be read in the Library and reading room only, those are not meant for home issue.