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Yugraj Paul II A

In a display of remarkable talent and strategic prowess, Yugraj Paul of class II A,emerged as a standout participant in the prestigious Siliguri Mayor’s Cup Inter School Chess Competition held on May 7, 2024. Hosted by the Siliguri Municipal Corporation at the Deshbandhu Sporting Union in Deshbandhu para, this tournament brought together young minds from various schools to test their mettle on the chessboard.

Despite fierce competition in the under 8 category, Yugraj Paul showcased exceptional skills, securing the commendable 9th position. His performance not only highlights his dedication to the game but also underscores his potential as a rising star in the chess community.

With each move, he solidifies his place as a promising talent and a beacon of hope for the future of chess in Siliguri and beyond.

Saturday, 18th May 2024