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Wishing YOU Well, Through OUR Farewell

In the journey of life, milestones come and go and we reach new destinations but when we have to get parted from the memories of the beautiful past then something hurts very deep inside.

It is painful for anybody in this world to say the last goodbye to anyone, and more so, when one has to part away from his or her own institution where Teachers and Friends become a beautiful chapter in the book of childhood memories.

Auxilium Convent School observed ‘Gratitude Day’ on 4th Feb ’22 to bid adieu to the students of the outgoing ICSE Batch 2021–22. Like last session, this year too, it was organized virtually amid concerns over spread of third wave of COVID-19.

All the Sisters and teachers at Auxilium throughout the year keep the outgoing ICSE batch students in their silent prayers and wish them good luck through their unspoken words hoping that they can ride on the waves of challenges and face the struggles of life with good human values, moral character, strict discipline and hard work.

Like every year, this year too, the farewell programme commenced with a short prayer service followed by readings from Holy Bible in dear lord’s praise so that success in the forthcoming ICSE examination becomes inevitable by God’s abundant blessings and mercy. God almighty and the angels were remembered to safeguard all the students from evil forces and temptations.

The virtual program had elements of sugar and spice in the form of singing, slide show, violin play and variety of dance items. The present Class X students were praised for their leadership and hard work. It was done to make the moments lighter and stop the atmosphere from being remorseful.

Some of the class X students in return, turned back the pages of time and filled the atmosphere with perfect melancholy by sharing some of their heart-rending stories related to school and teachers.

The day of their farewell turned tearful and heart wrenching as a decade of teaching and learning mixed with laughter, pain and sorrow came to a tragic end.

On this occasion, the Principal of the School, Sr. Jaya Sebastian, spoke out her sermons and discourses to the students and emphasized on the fact that strictness with leniency and love helped the students to grow strong in facing challenges. She congratulated the students on their many accomplishments and achievements in the past one decade through sheer hard work and determination. Besides this, she also inspired the students to use their skills and knowledge learnt over the years at Auxilium on the way towards becoming a successful individual in life by keeping God almighty as the forerunner. Towards the end, the principal of the school on behalf o the entire school bid adieu wishing all he students to become good ambassadors of Auxilium and spread the message of kindness and love towards a prosperous journey of life.

Tuesday, 8th February 2022