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The Power of Knowledge (Quiz Competition - Class V)

Auxilium hosted inter-section Quiz Competition on 2nd May 2024 in which eight students representing each Section of Class V participated and contested with their counterparts of other sections. The event was witnessed by all the students of Class V.

The competition was divided into four rounds viz. Knowledge round, Challenge round, Rapid Fire round and Hit the Target round after which the cumulative total was calculated by the scorers. Each question asked to a particular team was bound in a stipulated time frame which was recorded by a neutral time-keeper.

As the event progressed, the whole atmosphere charged up with extreme excitement as each house overtook the other one on the score sheet after each round. At the end, the scoreboard declared Class VB as the winner followed by VC becoming the runner up and VA as the Second runner up team.

A glimpse of the score sheet is presented hereunder: -


Friday, 3rd May 2024