Recent Events

The Fragrance of Knowledge and Wisdom

The Teacher’s Day celebration at Auxilium by the students was commemorated with much excitement and enthusiasm on the 3rd of September ’21. Since the half-yearly examination is knocking on the door early second week hence the ceremony was preponed and staged on the digital platform with the underlined message of love and gratitude that students carry for their Sisters and Teachers.

A perfect harmony in the relationship between teachers and students develops an eternal bond that lasts for a lifetime in the hearts of teachers and cherished forever in the minds of children. The solemn oath which teachers take towards the welfare of the young learners comes back as a reflection of unforgettable love and deep respect from the students’ side on this special day.

All the staff members in Auxilium witnessed a sparkling array of colourful online programme presented by the students in the honour of the respected Sisters and adorable teachers. The day shall be remembered as yet another milestone when all the students reiterated their ‘Voice of Love’ that echoed louder and vibrated the message –

“Teachers Bear the Fruit of Knowledge,

They Plant Dreams in Young Hearts,

And See Them Spread and Grow,

They Feed and Clothe Their Minds,

Adding To Their Lives an Eternal Glow”

The Principal of the school on this occasion thanked all the members in the teaching fraternity for their hard-work, dedication and commitment to train the students in online mode so that they can reach the zenith of their potential. She also acknowledged the fact that teachers are the backbone of any educational setup and play a vital role to shape the future of the students through their painstaking service & determination.

Thursday, 18th November 2021