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Teachers Training Programme 2024-2025

Mental Health…is not a destination, but a process. It’s about how you drive, not where you are going.”

-Noam Shpancer.

 Auxilium Convent School, Siliguri organized  two days Mental Health Awareness Programme for the teachers and staffs on 10th  and 11th April 2024 . Dr.Fr. Joe Kokkandathil SDB, a sought after psychologist as well as the Principal of Don Bosco Degree College, Chitradurga Karnataka  was the resource person of this two days session.

Fr. Joe’s insights and expertise have not only enlightened the teachers, but also helped them to prioritize mental health in their lives and communities. His dedication about raising awareness about such an important issue is truly commendable.

In these two days workshop, Fr. Joe threw light on the fact on how mental health is fundamental to our overall well-being. It profoundly influences the way we think, act and interact in our daily life situation.  Good mental health enables us to face life’s challenges with resilience, forge strong and meaningful relationships, and make decisions that shape a positive future for ourselves and our communities.

In this programme, the teachers were taught to focus on the importance of emotional hygiene and to express their emotions positively.

Happiness is a skill and one of the ways to be happy is to keep the mind and body fit by practicing the mindful meditation. The teachers also learnt to understand themselves and their personalities better and the various therapies and exercises that they were made to do such as Brain Synchronization Exercises,different kinds of breathing techniques and Trauma releasing therapy etc. rejuvenated and energized their mind, body and soul. It also induced their self-confidence and self-esteem, motivated them to overcome their fears and influenced them to connect spiritually to that Supreme Power, focusing on the fact that one can manifest whatever they want in their life through determination, constant positive thoughts and with a belief in themselves and the universe.

The entire Auxilium family is truly grateful to Father for the time and effort he invested in educating us on the significance of mental health . His guidance will have a positive impact on all in the coming days and the teachers shall look forward to implement such vast knowledge gained from these two days session.

Thursday, 18th April 2024