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Ship of Words In The Ocean of Thoughts (Speech Competition)

In ‘Speech Competition’, Auxilium witnessed a wave of upcoming talents where students from both the primary as well as secondary wings participated. The competition was held at the school premises on 13th July & 15th July ’22 respectively. The quality of speech delivered along with the content on the given topic attracted high appreciation from all corners.

The construction of speech by the contestants along with correct use of grammar, punctuation and word selection in addition to voice modulation and overall presentation were some of the criteria on which the participants were adjudicated by the panel of judges.

In the competition, the young Auxilians displayed a great level of confidence with profound solidarity and speaking skills and all these in return triggered a sense of deep satisfaction among all the educators in Auxilium. Thus, a general consensus was formed, whereupon everyone got a feeling that with young burning talents of high calibre and good speaking capabilities, our nation is in the safe hands of future leaders and visionaries.

To draw a curtain to this competition, the Principal of the school appreciated all the participating students on this occasion for their exceptional delivery of speech.

Wednesday, 27th July 2022