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Relay Race and Hoopla On Pre – Christmas Celebration

On the occasion of pre-Christmas celebration the school organized Relay Race for boys and Hoopla for the girls. The events were held on 23rd Dec 23 amidst a lot of zeal & enthusiasm.

The boys in the junior and senior category participated in the Relay Race which is an athletics track event run in lanes over one lap of the track with four runners completing 50 M each. Here, each runner of one team passes the baton to the next who stands eagerly waiting for his counterpart. The one who reaches the finish line collecting the baton is declared as the winner!

On the other hand, the girls in the junior and senior category participated in Hoopla which is a fascinating team sports that requires perfect balance as well as co-ordination.

The results of the competition are mentioned hereunder: -

Wednesday, 31st January 2024