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Inter-House Volleyball Tournament

Sports play an integral part to the holistic development of students, contributing to their physical, mental, social, and academic well-being. Auxilium promotes sports education to create a more balanced and enriching environment, preparing students for success in various aspects of life. The school always delivers the best by engaging young learners in various gaming activities throughout the scholastic year that includes various indoor as well as outdoor events.

On May 17th 2024, i.e. on the last day before summer vacation, the students of Auxilium witnessed the final of Inter-House Volleyball Tournament in which boys of Yellow House locked horns with their counterparts in Red House. Players from both the houses played bravely in the highly contested match but ultimately Red House couldn’t save themselves from the jaws of defeat and Yellow House went on to become the champions of Inter-House Volleyball Tournament 2024-25.

The Inter-House Volleyball Competition brought together students from different houses for a day of spirited competition and camaraderie. Organized by the school's sports committee, the event aimed to promote sportsmanship, teamwork, and physical fitness among students while fostering a sense of community and house pride.

The competition featured intense matches between the four houses: Blue, Green, Red and Yellow. Students showcased their volleyball skills and teamwork, delighting the audience with thrilling rallies. Each match was fiercely contested, with players demonstrating agility, coordination, and strategic play.

Semi-Final 1: Red House defeated Green House

Semi-Final 2: Yellow House defeated Blue House

Final: Yellow House defeated Red House

At the closing ceremony, trophies, medals, and certificates were awarded to the winning team, runners-up, and individual players for outstanding performance, sportsmanship, and teamwork. The awards were presented by Principal, Sr. Jaya Sebastian amidst loud cheers and applause from the audience. Aman Choudhury of Class IX A in Yellow House was declared as the man of the match whereas Jimutaksha Roy of X B in Red House was adjudged as the player of the tournament for their excellent skill and sportsmanship.

The Inter-House Volleyball Competition concluded successfully, achieving its objectives of promoting physical activity among students. The event provided an opportunity for students to showcase their athletic abilities.

Saturday, 18th May 2024