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Class IX - Mental Health Awareness Programme

A mental health awareness program for class IX was conducted on 12th of April by  Father Joe Kokandethil. The program started at 9 AM with a welcome speech by Upanyash Chatterjee on behalf of all the class IX students.

 This program was very essential in today's stressful life of children. The students learned many things like how to improve their mental health,  to relax and reduce their stress, to realize their individual potentials. They learned the art of meditation and its use to balance the different kinds of emotions in their daily life.

The program came to an end at 3 PM with a vote of thanks by the students Mou Bhowal and Sulagna Das of Class IX. Lastly, the students presented a small token of love and respect to Father at the end of the program.

Thursday, 18th April 2024