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Book Exhibition

It is said that a book lets us travel in the garden of knowledge without moving our feet. It is just like a boatman who rows one’s quest of knowledge to meet the shore of contentment.

Auxilium organised a Book Exhibition for both primary and secondary students on 22nd and 23rd Aug ’23 respectively in order to boost the reading habit of children in school. The exhibition was conducted by the Sisters from Pauline Book and Media Centre, Guwahati where a diversified collection of books on subjects like moral education, personality development, spiritual enlightenment etc. were put on display. The students had the freehand to choose from plenty of other books and CDs on popular topics of interest like mystery and horror stories, adventure, fantasy, fairy tales, quiz, grammar, mathematics, poetry, etc.

Overall, it was a blissful experience for the teachers and students to captivate a journey of endless pleasure in the dream world of books.

Friday, 25th August 2023