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Investiture Ceremony 2017

13th of April 2017 marked the beginning of a new dawn for the emerging leaders in Auxilium Convent School as the budding young pioneers were vested with responsibilities to lead the school ahead in the ongoing session. The programme and proceedings were conducted smoothly under the guidance of Principal, Vice-Principal and other teachers.

Prof. Shaktipada Patra adorned the seat of the chief guest for the day. He is a well renowned social activist and educationist who has been recently conferred with Bangaratna Award (Jewel of Bengal) for his outstanding contributions in the field of education, social service, literary works, contributions to the society, etc.

He inspired the tender minds through his motivational speech emphasizing on the need of young leaders to act as a scaffold for lifting, designing and decorating the framework of school-life foundation. He urged the school captains to be determined and focused in their line of duties and also advised them not to get distracted by insignificant matters.

The School Captains, the House Captains and the Vice Captains were presented with the sash and House flags which bears the insignia of their position. Prof. Patra administered the oath of office to the Captains, who pledged to be committed and adhere to the values upheld by the school.

The Prefects, Vice Prefects, student guides were distributed with badges by the honorable Principal and Vice Principal respectively. All the members of the students Council were also given their badges with a note on their tasks and responsibilities.

To make the occasion glittering, an array of programme like dance and music was performed by ACS students. Finally the curtains were drawn with the singing of the school anthem by the entire school.

Posted on: Thursday, 13th April 2017
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