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No one was Late ’coz It’s ACS Fete

It is our belief that the flame of God’s unending love and affection keeps everyone safe, warm and illuminated in Auxilium. This turned out to be true once again when the Annual School Fete was organized on 9th Nov.’19.

The grass looked greener and the sky appeared bluer than ever before. The winter chill in the air was felt in the frenzy Saturday morning and the thrill waited to get unwrapped as the whole of Auxilium prepared for the countdown.

The stage was already set for the party to begin, and soon after, the colourful balloons were released by the principal of the school as a goodwill gesture to  raise the curtain for the Auxilium Annual Fete, 2019-’20. The soaring balloons carried the message of undaunted ambitions to strive higher which every Auxilian bears deep within his/her heart.

The bliss and ecstasy sky-rocketed within minutes after the fete was declared open and the echoes of laughter were heard from every corner of the school ground. The fever was running high under the Auxilium sky and the desire to captivate the moment forever was making every heart beat fast. Joy sprang in the form of smile at the corner of every face.

The crowd got thicker as the sun rose high. The people swayed to the beat of music in the warmth of the sun. Little Jacks and Jills were seen running up and down the meadows to reach for their favorite stalls and counters’. The rave-up euphoria became a dream come true to witness.  For children, it was like the one which they can only think of in a fairy tale. Sisters in the management and teachers in Auxilium left no stone unturned to ensure joy and happiness in every nook and cranny of the fete arena that was organized especially for the children and their parents who lead a life in the fast lane where time travels at the speed of lightening and dawns and dusks take place with the blink of the eyes.

The earning of the fete, as everyone knows, goes as a charity on behalf of the school management towards the poor and destitute children. Auxilium salutes parents and guardians who stood up for this noble cause and contributed with their arms wide open. After all, what we give is what we get in life. Finally, it is noteworthy to realize that Auxilium teaches everyone to have a heart for others especially the poor and less priviliged.


Posted on: Wednesday, 13th November 2019
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