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A Tribute to Araty Sharma ( 1974 – 2018 )

Life is nothing but a small gap between birth and death in which we laugh and cry, learn experiences and teach others, make new friends without forgetting old ones, and finally say goodbye when it is our turn to leave.
Auxilium paid a heart-rending tribute to the departed soul of Ms. Araty Sharma from the primary wing who breathed her last in her sleep on the 25th August 2018 after meeting with a cardiac arrest and left for the heavenly abode leaving everyone behind her. She was under 45 years of age and is survived by her husband and only son who reads in class VI at Auxilium.
With profound grief, Auxilium as a family mourned her death and stood beside the grieving members especially husband and son.
For the repose of her departed soul, prayers from the Holy Bible were read out& silence was observed for her soul to rest in peace forever inthe care of God.
Auxilium shall always behold the fond memories of Late Ms. AratySharma as a loving and motherly figure who used to be very energetic, lively and cheerful at heart. The school feels that with her departure there’ll be a vast emptiness somewhere deep within that shall never be replenished in future. Her long association with Auxilium for almost 14 years shall always be cherished and she will be missed in everyone’s heart for her simplicity and goodness.

Posted on: Monday, 10th September 2018
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