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Personality Development

“Character is the real foundation of all worthwhile success” - John Hays Hammond

The building of one’s character and personality is absolutely necessary. Besides, improvement in pupil’s studying skills and upliftment of the moral standards are what he/she is subjected to in a good institution. All in all, Auxilium Convent School, Siliguri has ever made attempts for the refinement of its students in logical and value- based spheres.
An amalgam of the two aforementioned was experienced by the students of classes IX and X a few days ago. The day of August 6, 2018 was graced with the auspicious presence of an illustrious and renowned personality, Mr. Anshuman Paul. He is the ingenious tutor of ‘Personality Grooming’ and ‘Character Development’.
The sole purpose of Mr. Anshuman’s visit to our academy was to guide the students in enhancing their personality and disposition.
Altogether, there were two sessions held during the workshop. The ‘Words of Wisdom’ from the resource person were indeed beneficial. The L.A.W of individual grooming, an acronym for- laws, Actions & Words, was pretty well elucidated by him. He also made the students aware of ‘personality grooming’ and ‘oratory skills. They were trained about the necessity of knowing their “S.W.O.T”, i.e., Strengths, Opportunities and Threats.
He had become the cynosure of the session. Lastly, for the conclusion of the workshop, there were also a few activities conducted. Students’ learnt to interact, discuss, share and above all acquired skills and tools to improve themselves.

Posted on: Monday, 20th August 2018
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