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Expression of Delight

The youngsters in the primary section of Auxilium Convent School negated the old proverb of English that says – ‘Speech is Silver, Silence is Gold ’, by the new one which now says – ‘Silence is Silver, Speech is Gold ’.

Auxilium witnessed a wave of upcoming talents when a ‘Speech Competition’ was held among the students in the primary wing from classes I to IV. The competition was held at the school premises on 30th July ’18 in two stages at first in which participants of class I and II delivered their speech on some beautiful topics viz. ‘If I were a Bird’, ‘My Life – My Mother’, ‘Benefits of Homework’, and ‘Friend – A Special Gift of God’.

This was followed by the contestants of classes III and IV who set the stage on fire through their brilliant articulation and well prepared contents on some thought provoking topics viz. ‘Unity is Strength’, ‘Value of Time’, ‘Safe Drive, Save Life’, and ‘Save Earth for Better Future’.

The quality of speech delivered along with the content on the given topic attracted high appreciation from the panel of independent judges who officiated the whole proceeding.

The construction of speech by the contestants along with correct use of grammar, punctuation and word selection in addition to voice modulation and overall presentation were some of the criteria in which the participants were adjudicated by the panel of judges that included the Principal, vice-principal and the co-ordinators.

The level of confidence which the young Auxilians displayed with profound solidarity and speaking skills triggered a sense of deep satisfaction among all the educators in Auxilium.

Posted on: Friday, 3rd August 2018
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