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A Learning Conclave

Teachers in Auxilium gathered together for a workshop on 28th of April 2018 to sharpen their tools in teaching. The seminar was conducted by Fr. Cherian John Maliakel SJ. who is the respected priest and headmaster of St. Peter’s Higher Secondary School at Gayaganga.

The discussion in the workshop basically centred on problems faced by both teachers and students in daily teaching and learning process. Besides this, a general emphasis was laid down on ways and means to uplift the self-esteem of teachers so that a personal reflection may be drawn towards their own teaching expertise and understanding students’ difficulties.

In the seminar, a great amount of stress was taken by the guest lecturer in recognizing severalpsychological aspects in teaching like ‘External and Internal Control’, ‘Personal Assumptions of Teaching’, ‘Traits of a Good Teacher’, etc.

In the end, the workshop turned out to be a fruitful one in identifying areas that require self-correction so that teachers in the profession can become good human beings while enjoying teaching.

Posted on: Thursday, 3rd May 2018
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