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Farewell :A Bon Voyage before Bidding Adieu

It is painful for anybody in this world to say the last goodbye to anyone, and more so, when one has to part away from his or her own institution where Teachers and Friends become a beautiful chapter in the book of childhood memories and future Plans and Goals to turn great one day in life become a beautiful dream in the classrooms of school building.

Auxilium bid a remorseful farewell to the current Class-X batch on                4th of Feb ’18, and with the rave-up of this tradition, the students in the present ICSE batch inched closer by one day towards their Board Examination which starts on 26th of Feb ’18.

All the Sisters and Teachers in Auxilium blessed the students in the current ICSE batch through a short prayer service and wished them good luck so that they can ride on the waves of challenges and fight the struggles of life.

The students in return, turned back the pages of time and filled the atmosphere with perfect melancholy by sharing some of their heart-rending stories related with school and teachers.

One last time, the school rewarded few shortlisted candidates in the present Class X batch those who were outstanding academically and extraordinary in the field of helpfulness, discipline and respect. Besides this, an eye-catching memento was also presented to each one of them so that the fragrance of the love of school remains forever in their memory long after they depart.

Posted on: Thursday, 8th February 2018
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